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7th - 25th January


 Journey through the tribal area of Yunnan Province & Xishuangbanna

into Laos and to the ancient capital of Luang Prabang


Wenying has always teased me with ‘living in the past’!  Now she understands!  In January she and Lao Mei spent a month travelling from Jingdezhen through SW China, to places previously visited by our groups, and across the border into Laos.    It was only as they neared the borders into Laos and Burma that the tribal villages still retained their characteristic architecture and way of life, but for how long?   This may possibly be the last opportunity to visit the tribal area of SW China before it is consumed by concrete!   Many of the tribal villages previously visited with such joy, in Guizhou and Yunnan Provinces, have lost their tribal characteristics and been replaced by anonymous concrete buildings.  


Yunnan is home to 13 ethnic minorities with their own traditions in ceramics, textiles, jewellery, papermaking and architecture.  We will visit local artists and craftsmen as we travel overland in a small bus which will give us the opportunity to get off the beaten track. It is an area of stunning limestone karst scenery, primeval forest, mountains, tea, rare plants and animals.


Crossing the border into Laos we will spend 4 nights in Luang Prabang.  The city is encircled by peaks and camouflaged by dense tropical foliage and features a cluster of shimmering royal temples as well as beautiful French colonial architecture.  We will have the opportunity to visit Ban Chan Pottery village nestling along the banks of the Mekong River.   There has been a tradition of wood fired earthenware pottery in this small riverside village for centuries and the villagers still continue the tradition.

Landprice:  £2,850 including internal flights   --    International return flights TBA

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